About Co-founder Rosaura

Hi I am Rosaura!

I am the product of being raised by empowering women. Oftentimes, we search for role models outside of our circle. When in reality, there is no one more deserving of that title than the instrumental women who helped shape us. Your mom who always kept going no matter what.Your aunt who always did thoughtful things for you. Your grandma who always carried herself with supernatural grace and elegance. Your best friend who never judged you, but always gave you good advice. Your boss who disrupted your comfort zone, only to help you grow and reach your full potential. What about those women? As a mother, I strive to be a role model to my daughter.  
For over a decade I was in the Retail Management industry. It's not the accomplishments in my career that are most notable to me. It is the women I encountered throughout my journey, they've changed my life forever. I've  inspired many women, as they've inspired me. I have styled countless women for pivotal moments in their lives: graduation, dream job, wedding, or even burying a loved one. The ability to instinctively build a bond with a woman, regardless of the circumstances is truly gratifying. 
With Adorn my goal is to continue serving and empowering women one robe at a time. Regardless of the season in your life, slip into your Adorn robe and remember who you are.